Pod 16: Culture baked in – Silver Creek Sourdough unpeeled.press

Beechworth has a famous bakery. But in this small NE town there's another, less famous and much smaller bakery called Silver Creek Sourdough. Louise Ritchie is a local artisan baker making great bread, pizza bases and crumpets. Her bread has gained a real following and some of her goods are being sent far and wide. This short episode introduces us to Lou and why she does what she does.
  1. Pod 16: Culture baked in – Silver Creek Sourdough
  2. Pod 15: Growing gold in Beechworth
  3. Pod 14: Connection to country: terroir
  4. Pod 13: Sizing up to stay on top
  5. Pod 12: Value is more than money
  6. Pod 11: The high cost of staying on the front foot
  7. Pod 10: The growing scale of growing apples
  8. Pod 09: Evolving landscape: mines, pines and apples
  9. Pod 08: When Cole was Stanley's king
  10. Pod 07: Beechworth juicing apples yield clear opportunity


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Thank you

Charles Sturt University helped to start this podcast series through its 2020 Community University Partnership – Sustainability Grants Program. Particular thanks go to Dr Sarina Kilham of CSU Wagga Wagga campus and Dr Nick Rose of Sustain Australia for their help.