I’m Peter Kenyon. I explore, record and tell the stories of our food culture. I live with my partner on a two-hectare farm near Beechworth, in Victoria’s North East. We have a big old garden and a small young orchard. And – because they’re amazing – I’m writing a book about apples.

The word culture – from the Latin cultura, ‘a cultivating, agriculture’ – came into use in the Renaissance and expresses the act of tilling land for crops. In other words, strong cultures are created through physical connection to land through the growing of food. In a similar way, I seek to tend a strong, resilient food system that sustains and builds our communities. I also want to help society really see where food comes from and understand why that’s important. Perhaps that makes me a food culturalist.


Master of Science (Food Policy): City, London University

Graduate Certificate in Economics (Social Sciences): University of Sydney


Beechworth Health Service board member

Indigo Shire Council environment advisory committee member

North East Local Food Working Group member

Cathy McGowan AO MP major projects and policy adviser, electorate officer

Northeast Health Wangaratta healthy food policy advocate

Granny Smith Natural Food Market owner

Terra Madre 2010 World Food Communities Australian delegate

Slow Food Sydney convivium treasurer